Cages, Guards & Railings

Tadweld is a leading supplier of steel fabricated cages, guards and railings. Often required as a safety solution, or to prevent accidental damage from passing traffic, we are specialists in producing tailored solutions to meet your needs.
Made to Measure

All cages, guards and railings are made to measure. We will conduct a site survey, manufacture and install to meet your requirements.
Expert Advice

These options are accompanied by our expert advice, so you can rely on the final product to perform.

Design Process

We design all of our cages, guards and railings, on computer-aided design software utilizing AutoCAD and AutoDesk Advance Steel. As a result, we can send you a final 3D design for sign-off prior to commencing manufacture.


Tadweld has extensive experience installing these structures, in a range of working environments, including the food and drink, manufacturing, construction, distribution and energy industries. Our experience of working for clients big and small means we can provide quality, tailored solutions for your project.

Your project deserves the best.
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