AJAX Safe Access

Tadweld Ajax is at the forefront of safe access solutions in many industrial sectors; including petrochemical, quarrying and mining, food production and supply chain, rail and warehousing.  Providing safe access to road and static tankers, top loading vestals, heavy plant and machinery as well as pallet gate and edge protection to warehousing applications.
Our Ajax product range perfectly complements our Industrial Walkways & Access Platforms to offer a turnkey solution to new builds, as well as facility expansions and improvements. We are also able to offer bespoke solutions to existing platforms that fall short of user requirements or current regulations.

Working with our Technical office, our in-house design team will develop a solution that satisfies your needs
Experienced Team

Our Technical Sales, Design and Fabrication teams work closely together and draw on decades of knowledge and experience
Site Surveys

Our experienced engineers are at your disposal to conduct a site-survey and help you bring your vision to fruition.

In-house Design

Working within all sector appropriate standards and Health and Safety legislation we are best placed to offer design advice and workable solutions that culminate in a needs focused solution.

Working Environments

Our tanker access systems, static and mobile are designed to cope with extreme environments; dust, chemicals, oil and all-weather conditions.  Continual use and rugged reliability are a key requirement for our customers.

Your project deserves the best.
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