Access platforms and walkways

Access Platforms

One of our specialist areas is providing access platforms and walkways designed around existing plant machinery for operator and maintenance access. We have vast experience installing these systems in many working environments such as the food and drink, manufacturing and energy industries. Having worked with many blue chip organisations we are sure we can provide a high quality tailored solution to your project.

Examples of our work

Helping you through the process

These projects can seem a daunting task but our team of experts will work with you to make your project as smooth as possible. After the initial meeting we will draw up the necessary plans and create a working timeframe to get your project completed on time and on budget.

Forthright and bold, we will take responsibility, maintaining control through the use of fully competent highly trained employed staff who deliver results. First time, on time.

High Standards

Our products are often individual products, parts and elements of a larger project. With over 35 years of repeat business and fabricated ‘Access Platforms and walkways’ in use, we will not compromise our future.
Our projects are always developed and delivered to the highest standards with a focus on health and safety and compliance to current legislation. We take safety and working practices very seriously and as such have been awarded a high level of accreditation for our industry.

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